Dental Clinic SEO: Complete Guide to Keywords for Dentists

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If you want customers to find your business online, search engine optimization is a must. Inorder to have your business be searchable online by your customers , SEO (search optimization) is absolute must. One of the defining aspects of your search engine optimization is keywords. The keywords you choose, in essence, tell Google what your website is about, and Google accordingly lists your links on search queries.

Selection of the right keywords is key, good keywords are what put your business on the Google Search to appear for the target audience, looking for dental services.

In order to find the right keywords that relate to you business there are a few use full methods listed below.

Find the keywords using online SEO tools

The first step is gather a list of possible keywords which can be used to target customer searches. Tool such as Google Keyword Planner, Keyword and Ubersuggest. Each tool is unique in it functionality and below is a brief description about them.

1. Google Keywodrs Planner

First thing to do when looking for possible keywords for your business is to build your list of possible keywords related to your business.

In order to use Google’s Keyword Planner , you simply need to have a Google AdWords account, Once you have logged into the Keyword Planner simply enter the keyword phrase you are looking to get keywords for  e.g. Dental Services, google will provide you with a list of similar keywords.



Not all of the keywords provided to you by Google are worth while, therefore it is important to ensure the keywords seleted are high volume and quality.

2. Google Auto Complete

Google Autocomplete is a search prompt. With this tool, Google is trying to predict user’s search query to enhance their search experience. Google Autocomplete is based on actual searches conducted by users.
google autocomplete denstist.png

3. Google Related Searches

Google at the bottom of the search result, will have a list of keyword phrases called Related Searches.

While Google Autocomplete presents suggestions that are closely related to the keyword, Google Related Searches takes it a step further and showcases related queries which users may have.

4. Keyword

This is a tool specifically designed to heighlight long tail keyword phrases which customers are likely to use. The tool shows keywords suggestions from different platforms such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. This a very highly recommeded

5. Ubersuggest

Along the same lines as Keyword Ubersuggest is user firnedly and comes with additional features. It allows users to search for keywords based on country.

Shortlisting Relevent Keywrods

Using the keyword tools, you would have amassed a bulky list of keywords you could use for your website. However, it would be a mistake to use every single keyword. You need to narrow down your keyword list to phrases that will benefit your dental website.

Long-Tail over Single Phrases

Long-tail keywords have an advantage over single phrases. The advantage of long-tail keywords is that they are better able to capture the intention of users. Look at the keywords you have amassed and pick keywords that are long-tail.

Don’t go for the Highest Search Volume

Unless you already have a good SEO rank, you won’t easily rank on keywords that have high search volume.You are not the only dental website trying to appear at the top of search results and almost all your competitors will try to rank on keywords with the highest search volume. Switch your focus to keywords with a low to medium search volume. The idea is that once you are able to rank on the first page of such keywords, you can move to high search volume keywords.


If your business operates within a specific geographic, focus on geo-locations keywords. These keywords generally include a geographic location word in the keyword phrase. For example:

  • Dental service in Calgary

  • Dental services in Alberta


One trick to assess if a keyword is relevant to your business is to look at keywords used by your competitors.

Shoes of your Audience

Talk to your audience, understand them and then, put on their shoes. Know what your audience is searching for online and pick keywords that are close to that.

Step Three: Use the Keywords in the right places

Now that you have a list of relevant keywords, you need to place them right.

Website Backend

There are several places you put keywords on the website backend,

WordPress Backend

  • Page Title

  • Meta-Description

  • Meta-Keywords

  • Alternative Tags for Images

  • URL



Website Frontend

There are several places you put keywords on the website frontend.

  • Page Heading

  • Sub-headings

  • Main Body

  • Image Caption

Keyword Optimized Pages

Do not throw too many keywords on a single page; this is especially problematic when you throw too many unrelated keywords on a single page. For example, you put – dental services, toothache services, emergency dentist, braces treatment – on your home page. This would confuse Google and the search engine would not be able to identify what your page is about.

Instead of putting all your keywords on a single page, you create keyword optimized pages. For example, for all keywords related to toothaches, you create a service page specifically for Toothache Relief.

Caution: Avoid Keyword Stuffing

A big SEO mistake is to over-use keywords. Use too many keywords and you have indulged in keyword stuffing. More than anything, your content needs to be helpful. Avoid repeating keywords too many times and place your keywords strategically so that the content quality is not brought down.

If you add too many keywords and they standout, there is a very real possibility that Google will assume your website is spam and blacklist it.

Good keyword optimization will greatly boost your dental website’s SEO rank, but it is not the end-all for SEO. Keyword optimization is just a small part. There are many SEO tactics you can use to optimize your dental website so that it ranks at the top of search results.  Link building, blogging, and domain name are just some of the tactics you can use.

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