Rocky Mountain Tour

At Rocky Mountain Private Tours, we offer custom-made tours that are carefully designed to answer specifically to your travel needs. Since inception, we have recognized the need to offer our guests the best sightseeing experience while discovering and exploring the greatness inherent in the Canadian Rockies. Our team will ensure that you have an unforgettable experience that is worth reliving even at the end of your stay. Our private tour packages are designed to ensure that you spend sufficient time at each sightseeing destination without having to worry about when and how you will return to your hotel — we have you all covered. Our primary focus is to make sure you enjoy every bit of your time spent touring the Canadian Rockies. We have an all-encompassing itinerary to ensure that you are able to explore as many interesting places as possible — from the adventurous trails and hidden passages, to discovering buried fossils, local wildlife, and the geological phenomena that exemplifies the awe-inspiring Canadian Rocky Mountains.

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