An Elegant East-African Restaurant

Tiffin Curry is an elegant East-African restaurant in the heart of Calgary northeast. It serves great food that is filling and keeps you wanting more.

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This great East-African restaurant was popular in the community but needed a greater online presence


An elegant webdesign and a user friendly environment is a just the beginning, followed by a quality SEO and SMO campaigns which keeps the website traffic high
62 - Current Daily Users
23 - Daily Visitors after one Month
17 - Daily Visitors after two weeks
10 - visitors per week


Online bookings have increased tremendouslym and the SEO keeps the website high in ranking which keeps the local foot traffic high!
0.09% CTR
20% less CPA
272% ROI

From The Client

Thanks for the great job and running a great google campaign for my website. My previous website was a Sensis/Yellow pages and I would only receive a couple enquiries per year. With my new website I’m receiving much more enquiries that convert to business and this is keeping us very busy. Thanks Forge Media Marketing
Minal Bhatt

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